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The mission

To facilitate the Bitcoin Lightning Network (BTC LN) in Denmark.

This is done by

Running a lightning network node

This depends on the great work being done by the team programming the Lightning Network Daemon (LND). Danish Lightning has been online since January 2018. Friday Marz 13th, the code for the beta version was published on github.com.

The present node has the ID


Target Date
  Live node on testnet     January 2018  
  Setup a little shop on testnet     June 11th 2018  
  Live node on mainnet     September 8th 2018  
  Run the little shop on mainnet     September 9th 2018  

Help companies that want to receive payments in Bitcoin

Target Date
  Setup a secure service for writing bills and receive payments     Awaiting interest  
  Waiting for wallets that can be used by companies receiving BTC Lightning payments without running a full node     2019  
  Setup a little shop based on such a wallet     2019  
  Opening channels to all Danish companies receiving LN payments     Continuous  

The first service will be based on LND. Companies may use Danish Lightning as a trusted party using the server at Danish Lightning to issue bills and receive payment. The server returns a notification, when the bill has been paid. The implementation is quite simple, but relies on a third party.

Another solution is to run a bitcoin node, namely BTCD with a copy of the full block chain, on a server belonging to the company. On top of this, run LND, and program the interface to LND. Danish Lightning has a working interface that may be tailored. This setup has the advantage that the company - not Danish Lightning - controls the funds.

Help making the LN a circular economy

The point of LN is fast and cheap transfer of value. When opening a channel from Danish Lightning to a company with a capacity of - say - 10.000 DKK, a fee must be paid to the Bitcoin miners. When the compay has received a little below 10.000 DKK, the channel is used up. It can be closed, and a new one opened. But Danish Lightning proposes, that the company spends the money using the same channel, so that it can reamin open for business.

The same goes for the customers. They should ideally receive as much as the spend, keeping the channels viable.

Danish lightning will offer companies to buy back their BTCs. The costs of the exchange is estimated equal to the price of the money transfer. There are no plans of making a BTC exchange.


e-mail: Allan Lind Jensen

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Financial regulation

Danish Lightning will cooperate with the authorities in all ways possible to disclose any money loundering and other criminal activities.